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What to Do in Chattanooga during the Moon River Music Festival

Chattanooga is excited to welcome the Moon River Music Festival back to the Scenic City. Presented by Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, Moon River began in his hometown of Memphis, TN, and has since grown significantly to a SOLD OUT 2019 Festival in Chattanooga's Coolidge Park. Look for window clings…

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Moon River Festival

Founded in 2014 by musician Drew Holcomb, the annual Moon River Music Festival is an exciting, family-friendly, two-day event highlighting the music and culture of Tennessee. Originally taking place in Holcomb's hometown of Memphis, Moon River has grown into an important and beloved institution in…

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Noontunes 2019

The 2019 Noontunes concert series launches Fridays this fall with food trucks and music beginning Sept. 13 in Miller Park. Each live performance has a host who will discuss the artist’s background and song selection providing insight not normally gathered from a standard show. Food trucks and local…

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Featured Blog - Pints and Pedals

I’ve been on pub crawls. I’ve taken spin classes. I’ve even been in a few parades. But I’ve never done all three of those things at the same time – until I took a tour with Pints and Pedals in Downtown Chattanooga. I knew a party on wheels would appeal to my group of friends, so I assembled a crew…

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What's the Best Burger in Chattanooga (For You)?

What’s the best burger in Chattanooga? That’s a source of endless debate, which proves that burger lovers have plenty of options that are sure satisfy in the Scenic City. Chances are that you’ll love one—if not all—of these classics found around town. Here are six of the best burgers in Chattanooga…

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The 12 Best Casual Adventures in Chattanooga

Taking an epic, all-day trip into the great outdoors is one of the best things you can do—when you have the time and energy. All too often, though, busy schedules mean that micro-adventures requiring little to no preparation are more realistic. And with manageable excursions around every corner…

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