efren ormazaTell us about yourself. 

My love for racing cars has been with me all my life. The first incursions in the sport happened in Ecuador in 1988. I moved to Chattanooga with my wife and two small children back in 1992. I had to pause the racing for a few years while settling down. Shortly after opening the restaurant (Terra Nostra Tapas & Wine), I started competing again. Currently, I race with SCCA driving a SRF3 (Spec Racer Ford Gen3). My connection with the Motorcar Festival began when meeting Byron DeFoor several years ago at Terra Nostra (now closed). I was very fortunate to participate in the first Chattanooga Motorcar Festival in 2019 and am looking forward to this October.

What do you love about racing? 

Racing is a passion that I was born with. It keeps me sharp and highly motivated. Besides, it helps me meet great people, see new places and make lifetime friends.

What is the experience like for the whole family at Motorcar Festival?

Chattanooga Motorcar Festival is a great event that matches perfectly with this prosperous and beautiful city. With all the activities, it’s a great opportunity for the entire family to get up close and enjoy these amazing machines rarely seen on the streets. I encourage everyone to come and be part of the beauty and adrenaline that make up the festival. And as a message to all kids: Come see the cars! You may be able to sit inside a racing machine — you never know

The original version of this article first appeared in a previous edition of our Magazine.