Saturday mornings were for making homemade biscuits with my mom growing up. The kitchen counter would be covered in flour and as the dough was rolled out the hardest decision I had to make was choosing which cookie cutters I wanted to use to shape our morning breakfast.

After pulling them from the oven, I piled heart and star-shaped biscuits on plates. Serious thought and care were put into who got which biscuits (and at this time I'd like to publicly apologize for all the ugly biscuits that ended up on my brother's plate).

Now that I have a kitchen of my own but lack my mom's baking skills and patience, I'm grateful for the many restaurants in Chattanooga where I can find amazing biscuits and keep the Saturday morning breakfast tradition alive.

Here are some of the best biscuits you can find in Chattanooga!

Big Biscuit Barn

It’s not located in downtown Chattanooga proper, but this gem is well worth the drive. The Big Biscuit Barn even has a drive-thru so you can grab your biscuits to go on your way to explore the Chickamauga Battlefield. These are some of the best biscuits I've ever had. Owner and biscuit lady Phyllis seriously knows how to make her biscuits smile.

Farmhouse Biscuit from Milk and Honey

Holy moly. Everything you love about a quintessential Southern breakfast is piled high onto one single biscuit but with a slightly modern twist. The tomato jam really makes this biscuit a total stand-out.

Kenny's Hot Chicken Biscuit

Some might argue that this is some of the best hot chicken you can find in Chattanooga. What makes it even better? The fact that it’s slapped onto a fluffy biscuit. So, give it a try and join the choir that sings this biscuit's praises.

Bluegrass Grill’s Keto-Friendly Biscuit

A Chattanooga breakfast favorite, Bluegrass Grill's menu is expansive and impressive. If you must watch your carb or gluten intake, you don't have to miss out with this one!

Risky Biscuit with Shitake Mushroom Gravy at Maple Street Biscuit Company

If you get a hankering for the classic gravy and biscuits like Nana used to make, but sans the sausage or bacon, this will satisfy all your cravings! Thick, rich, and full of flavor, this combo is delicious for anyone who is vegetarian or tends to prefer the meatless option.