Whether you’re an astrology lover or a lover of Chattanooga, you’re gonna love this! Our lovely Scenic City is full of adventures and attractions with something for everyone, so why not tailor your trip to your zodiac signs to guarantee a good time. 

Aries – Creative Discovery Museum  

Aries is known to be confident, passionate, and energetic. The Creative Discovery Museum is perfect for you to explore and learn. With so many hands-on activities and wonders you'll be able to spend all your excess energy!


Taurus – Sculpture Fields  

Taurus is known to be patient and uncompromising. Sculpture Fields is perfect for the sign who desires to be around beauty! The most grounded sign deserves a place to be inspired by and to relax. Sculpture Fields has it all for you! 


Gemini – Rock City 

Gemini is known to be curious, adaptable, and indecisive. Geminis will love Rock City with all of its pathways, stories, and lore. There is so much to see and do, no matter how indecisive Gemini is they can explore all aspects of this beautiful attraction.  

Cancer – Houston Museum of Decorative Arts 

Cancer is known to be sentimental and compassionate. Cancers will love the Houston Museum because they value and understand art due to their natural deep understanding of emotions, and they will love the story of how the museum came to be. 

Leo – Chattanooga Zoo 

Leo is known to be charismatic and dramatic. Leos will love the Chattanooga Zoo because of all the little creatures they can interact with, there is a lot to see! Plus Leos are the Kings of the Jungle, they will feel at home surrounded by the many different characters and animals they get to play with.  

Virgo – Coolidge Park 

Virgo is known to be analytical, kind, and all work & no play. Virgo, we think you deserve some time to relax and play! Go to Coolidge, have a picnic, ride the carousel, and play in the fountains. You deserve it!  

Libra – Bessie Smith Cultural Center 

Libra is known to be diplomatic, social, and artistic. Libras will love the Bessie Smith Cultural Center because of its powerful displays and exhibits that range from African history to Chattanooga history to music history. Libras value justice and equality over anything else so not only will they enjoy this museum, but they will feel deeply aligned with it.  

Scorpio – Ruby Falls 

Scorpios are known to be mysterious, and what is more mysterious than a cave! Scorpios will love Ruby Falls for its mystery, whimsy, and heartfelt story. 

Sagittarius – Lake Winnipesaukah  

Sagittarius is known to be free-spirited and fun! There is no better place for a Sagittarius than Lake Winnie, with all its rides, games, and a water park they will never be bored.  

Capricorn – Incline Railway 

Capricorns are known to be ambitious but down-to-earth. We think Capricorns would love the Incline Railway because of its beautiful scenery and it’s a great metaphor for their life endeavors. Capricorns always want to be on top and be the best! 

Aquarius – Hunter Museum of American Art 

Aquarius is known to be the most eccentric sign. There is no better place for an Aquarius than an art museum, especially a lovely eclectic one like the Hunter Museum!  

Pisces – Tennessee Aquarium

Pisces are known to be empathetic and dreamy. What could be dreamier than the Aquarium with its low lighting and beautiful river and ocean creatures!