If you’ve visited the Scenic City, you’ve probably noticed a variety of public art pieces scattered around town. You can find plenty of sculptures, decorated alleyways, temporary exhibits, and murals if you know where to look. If you need help finding some of Chattanooga’s most eye-catching wall art, check out this guide to a few of our favorite spots.


Flying Donut Mural

1900 Broad Street

Muralist: Joseph Giri

Everyone loves donuts, so why not dedicate an entire wall to them? If you’re on the Southside, you can’t miss one of Chattanooga’s most popular murals that can be found on the corner of Broad St. and 20th St. Snap a photo at this popular spot and then head into the bakery next door for a donut or sweet treat.


Polka Dot Wall

1400 Block of Williams Street

Chattanooga’s Main Street has become a hub for public art, and there’s plenty to discover as you stroll through the Southside. Located across the street from Hi-Fi Clyde's, the Polka Dot Wall has become the perfect backdrop for impromptu photoshoots.


Pizza Mural

612 E Main Street

First donuts, now pizza? Chattanooga has a thing for good food and good art, and our murals prove it. This little slice of heaven is the perfect place for your next “cheesy” photoshoot.


“We Will Not Be Satisfied Until”

300 E M L King Boulevard (Between King and Houston Streets)

Muralist: Meg Saligman

Coming in at just over 40,000 square feet, the giant mural in Chattanooga’s M.L. King District is hard to miss. The mural was created to show the past, present and future of the ever-changing district and features local Chattanoogans who are well-known in the neighborhood. Snap a photo of this iconic mural before you check out some of the breweries, restaurants, and shops along M.L.K. Boulevard.


“Traveling Musician”

1351 Passenger Street

Muralist: The Artist SEVEN

If you haven’t ventured down Station Street, you’re missing out on one of Chattanooga’s newest destinations for fun. You’ll find restaurants, bars, a brewery, The Comedy Catch, and more. At the end of the street, the big blue and yellow mural created by The Artist SEVEN will stop you in your tracks. Be sure to take a few photos of the “Traveling Musician” before heading on to the Flying Squirrel.


Murals at the Chattanooga Choo Choo

1400 Market Street (Inside the Choo Choo Gardens)

Muralists: Various Artists

After you explore Station Street, head next door the Chattanooga Choo Choo Complex. As you stroll through the gardens and check out the historic train cars, you’ll find a row of unique murals. Check out Platform 9 ¾, a popular comic book character, and a variety of other designs that add to Chattanooga’s collection of public art.


"Rise and Shine" 

Passenger Street

Muralist: The Artist SEVEN

Early bird gets the worm with this mural. Located at the entrance of Passenger Street across from State of Confusion, you can find this mural by The Artist SEVEN. This is such a fun and unique mural for all of those early rise and shiners out there!



"Founding Fathers of Technology"

Frazier Avenue

Muralist: Kevin Bate

At the corner of Tremont Street and Frazier Ave art meets technology. In a city engulfed with the arts, this mural features the six founding fathers of technology: Charles Babbage, Nikola Tesla, Vannevar Bush, Alan Turing, Claude Shannon and Steve Jobs. It is definitely a head turner when you're headed by it. 



Chalk Alley

38 Frazier Avenue

Muralists: YOU!

Before you leave Coolidge Park area, head up to Frazier Ave and be your own artist for a while. This new interactive mural allows for by standers to stop by, pick up some chalk, and create their own masterpiece. No worries, chalk is provided!

Looking for more?

If your mural fix hasn't been filled, check out the Experience Art Map below to find more eye-catching art around Chattanooga.