Last summer, Escape Experience opened its newest escape room challenge, Runaway Train Transport, located at their new off-site location in the Chattanooga Choo Choo. As the very first company to bring the escape room game entertainment concept to Chattanooga, the Escape Experience is somewhat an authority on locking folks up. And since this new train experience is so uniquely fun, the company’s staff of escape room experts have put together a short guide to help tourists maximize their fun - Chattanooga style - while attempting this train themed Escape Experience!

Step 1: Mentally Prepare Yourself
This experience takes place inside an actual train car, so yes, there are narrow hallways and spaces that may feel somewhat confining. It’s okay, the walls are not going to close in on you - we promise! You can do this - it’s going to be alright!

Escape Experience_BlindfoldsStep 2: Choose Your Blindfold Wisely
Yes, you will be blindfolded. And yes, there is a good chance that someone will take a picture of you while you are wearing it - and post it all over social media. Don’t skimp on this choice by being the only person in your group to not choose a funny blindfold - you’ll regret it later. Our personal favorite is the “frog eyes”. However, you also can’t go wrong with one of our fox faces, a little mouse head, the squinty samurai ninja, or one of our classic “bug-eyed” options.

Escape Experience_BriefcaseStep 3: Pick The Right Briefcase Volunteer
Someone in your group must volunteer to carry the briefcase of very important legal documents into the train car with them. This person will be handcuffed to said briefcase, so pick the smartest, most responsible person in your group. After all, these are important legal documents, and you want to be sure that you all arrive safely to your destination with them.

Escape Experience_Wobble WalkStep 4: Take The “Wobble Walk”
You’re going to be led inside the train car blindfolded, in single file formation, hands over shoulders of the person in front of you. No one can see what’s happening. This is an exercise in trust, so pick someone to walk behind that will walk in a straight line, or you’ll find yourself wobbling back and forth against the walls of the train car. For some groups, this is arguably the most challenging part of the whole escape experience, depending on your group’s level of inebriation - which we recommend being at its lowest levels.

Step 5: Separation Strategy Technique
Yes, once inside you will be separated and locked up in different, almost “cage-like” cargo holds within the train car. There’s no telling which cage you will end up in or who you'll be locked away with. However, some believe that you can increase the odds of being caged with someone by staying closest to that person when you are led into the train - no promises though.

Escape Experience_Train WindowStep 6: Playing The Escape Room Game
Relax, the train car is not actually moving - it just looks, feels, and sounds that way! Don’t let all of that immersively creative set design distract you from the important task at hand. It’s time to start figuring out how you’re going to get off this train, and you only have one hour to get it done!

This escape experience is specifically designed to force groups to communicate, cooperate, and work together - so do that (and do it well) or else you may not succeed.  Regardless of how or why you ended up in this train situation, make no mistake that you are taking part in a fun-filled hour of team-building. So brush up on your problem-solving, puzzle completion, and critical thinking skills beforehand so that you're ready to be a team player.

We wish we could tell you more but that would ruin all the fun. Okay, one more tip - bring someone in your group that isn’t afraid of venomous snakes - just kidding, but kind of serious too.

Escape Experience_GroupStep 7: Check For Discounts Before You Book
Okay, so this probably should have been the first step. There are a lot of discounts out there, but the best ones are the “Early Bird Special” and the “Weekday” discount. You can find those discounts here.

So Many Great Escape Experiences To Choose From
So you checked online and all of the Runaway Train experiences are filled up. No worries, the Escape Experience has four other great experiences that are just a few blocks away from the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Exciting experiences such as breaking out of prison or safeguarding secrets of time travel, to problem-solving thrills like saving the world – once from a deadly virus and again from global nuclear destruction. There’s something for every adventure seeking traveler in your group!

Escape Experience - It’s not just a game, it's an EXPERIENCE!