If you’re searching for a quick and easy way to travel, try flying into the Chattanooga Airport. With little traffic, short security lines and several nonstop routes, you can take a stress-free trip and explore connections to countless destinations.

chatt airportChattanooga Airport offers direct flights to 10 cities, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay and Washington, D.C.

2019 was a record-breaking year for the Chattanooga Airport. The airport boarded more than 550,000 passengers, surpassing 504,298 boardings 2018.

In direct response to the rise in passenger boardings, the airport is constructing newly expanded parking facilities. Construction of a new four-level, $25 million parking garage is now underway and expected to be complete in 2021. In addition, a new $2.6 million economy parking lot opened last year.

The airport is also laying the groundwork for the biggest expansion of the passenger terminal. Design of the expanded terminal is expected to begin sometime this year.

In 2019, the Chattanooga Airport set a tremendous sustainability benchmark. The final phase of the airport’s solar farm was completed in June. The airport’s solar farm, located on the southwest corner of the airfield, contains thousands of panels and generates enough energy to power the airport’s daily needs.

In addition, the airport’s commercial terminal was awarded LEED Silver certification in 2015. To receive the certification, the airport implemented greener practices such as recycling existing windows into glass countertops, installing ultra-low flow fixtures in restrooms and replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lights.

Thanks to local public utility provider EPB, Chattanooga Airport also delivers the second-fastest Wi-Fi airport service in the United States and fourth fastest in the world. The free public Wi-Fi has a download speed of 30.98 Mbps.

Located at the Chattanooga Airport, Wilson Air Center provides the best services available for general aviation needs. When the 9,000-square foot corporate flight center received LEED Platinum certification in 2012, it was the only aviation terminal in the world to meet the highest possible level of energy and environmental performance.

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From green efforts to lightning fast internet to nearly 10 nonstop flights and countless destinations, the Chattanooga Airport offers efficient service and endless opportunities. When you fly from Chattanooga, it’s in, out, easy.