Experience the Earth Waking up or Going to Sleep 

Getting up early to watch the sunrise reflecting on the Tennessee River is a sight to behold. Not a morning person? Perched on a bluff to watch the sunset over the valley can take your breath away. Here are a few of the most stunning Chattanooga locations to watch this natural beauty occur. 

Coolidge Park

Sunrise at Coolidge Park offers stunning reflections of color and the historic Walnut Street Bridge.

Coolidge Park Sunrise

Sculpture Fields at Montague Park

Sunset over the beautiful art at Sculpture Fields includes scenic views of Lookout Mountain.

Sunset Sculpture Fields

Bluff View Art District

The morning golden hour makes the sculptures glow throughout the Bluff View Art District.

Sunrise over the Bluff View Art District

Snooper's Rock

Snooper's Rock is worth every second of getting up early to witness the beauty of cloud inversions.

woman sits at Snooper's Rock wrapped in quilt watching sunrise at overlook

Sunset Rock

Sunset Rock is obviously the right place to be when the sun sets over the valley.

Sunset at Sunset Rock

Ross's Landing & Downtown Riverfront

The Downtown Riverfront and Ross's Landing provide the best places to relax and watch the sunset over the Tennessee River.

Downtown Riverfront Sunset

Photo Credits: Above Images

Sunset Rock - Rebecca Hollman; All other photos – Papae Litchfield 

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