From north, south, east, to west, Tennessee is a state with a strong music heritage. Whether you like country, rock, soul, blues, bluegrass, R&B, or jazz, there is a music experience for every type of music lover spanning the entire state. That's why the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development created the Tennessee Music Pathways project, an initiative that connects the traveler to the rich music history of Tennessee through people, places and genres that make Tennessee the Soundtrack of America.

TN Music Pathways Sign Songbirds TN Music Pathway Tivoli TN Music Pathways
The following Chattanooga events, people, and organizations have been added to the Tennessee Music Pathways project:
  1. Bessie Smith Cultural Center
  2. Bessie Smith Historical Marker
  3. "Bessie" MuralBessie Smith CC TN Music Pathways
  4. Big 9 Legends Mural
  5. "Chattanooga Choo Choo" Song Historical Marker
  6. Impressions Historical Marker
  7. Jazzanooga
  8. M.L. King Mural
  9. Moon River Music Festival
  10. Nightfall Music Series
  11. Riverbend Music Festival
  12. Tivoli Theatre
  13. Usher Historical Marker

To learn more about each of these places, people, and organizations, visit, and start planning your music adventure today.