Chattanooga's Best Scenic Views

Chattanooga sits on the edge of the Tennessee River and along the Cumberland Plateau. There are numerous scenic overlooks, all with their unique breathtaking views of the sweeping valley below. Some of the overviews are easy to get to and require a short walk from the car. Others require a short hike ending in some of the most peaceful spots you will ever see. 

Accessible Views are marked with a ♿.

Snooper’s Rock 

Signal Mountain

Point Park | Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park ♿

Lookout Mountain

Trail to the overlook is paved.

Sunset Rock 

Lookout Mountain 

Ruby Falls Lookout Tower | Blue Heron Overlook ♿

Lookout Mountain

Includes a color-blind viewfinder!

image at Ruby Falls of view finder for color blind people to see the colors of Fall

Edward’s Point 

Signal Mountain

Tennessee River + Walnut Street and Market Street Bridges from Coolidge Park ♿

Downtown Chattanooga

This view can be seen from multiple points along the Tennessee Riverpark at Coolidge Park.

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