FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, February 15, 2024


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (Feb. 14, 2024) – As part of its continuous economic research efforts, the Chattanooga Tourism Co. has partnered with Convention Sports & Leisure, International (CSL), a leading advisory and planning firm specializing in consulting services to the convention, sport, entertainment, and visitor industries, to conduct a Music Venue Economic Research study. The survey is currently active and will remain open for participation until March 6, 2024.

"Your participation in the Chattanooga Music Venue Economic Research Study is pivotal. Shaping the future of our music scene will enrich the Chattanooga experience for residents and visitors alike. Embracing the insights gained from this study, we can elevate our vibrant music scene, fostering growth, prosperity, and a dynamic cultural hub in Hamilton County. Your voice shapes the future of Chattanooga's music landscape,” stated Barry White, Chattanooga Tourism Co. CEO and President.

The survey, administered by CSL, aims to provide valuable insights that will guide efforts in enhancing existing venues and exploring growth opportunities, contributing to the continued success of Chattanooga's thriving music scene. Chattanooga Tourism Co. encourages all residents of Hamilton County aged 18 and older to take part in this 10-minute survey. All responses are confidential and immensely appreciated.

Annually, Hamilton County hosts more than 15 million visitors each year who spend $1.5 billion in our community. On an average day, that's 43,000 visitors spending $4.1 million; 15,000 of those visitors stay the night in our hotels. Visitor spending includes local sales taxes which saves each Hamilton County household $1,138 on their property tax bill each year.

Learn more about the Chattanooga Tourism Co’s efforts to advance Chattanooga’s local music scene and participate in the survey at

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