Chattanooga Tourism Co. Board of Directors

The Dream Team, The Avengers, The Beatles... child’s play. The Chattanooga Tourism Co. Board of Directors is literally the greatest assembly of people in the history of the planet. These super Chattanoogans dedicate their free time to volunteer on our board of directors. Their reward is seeing the quality of life for Hamilton County residents improve by growing and strengthening the visitor economy. That’s it. They volunteer to make the lives of the people who live in and around Chattanooga better. Pretty great, right?

Please feel free to reach out to our board of directors with any questions, concerns or feedback about the work of the Chattanooga Tourism Co. If you’d like to become a super Chattanoogan and dedicate your time to improving the quality of life of Chattanoogans, please reach out to our Chairman and express your interest.

2021 Chattanooga Tourism Co. Board of Directors

Keith Sanford (Chair)
President & CEO
Tennessee Aquarium

Hon. Jim Coppinger
Hamilton County

Mitch Patel (Vice-Chair)
President & CEO
Vision Hospitality Group, Inc.

Allen Corey

Lisa Maragnano (Secretary/Treasurer)
Executive Director

Christy Gillenwater
President & CEO
Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

Ken DeFoor (Executive Committee)
DeFoor Developments

Emily Mack
President & CEO
River City Company

Susan Harris (Executive Committee)
See Rock City

Hugh Morrow
Ruby Falls

Rebecca Ashford
Chattanooga State Community College

Johnny O'Brien
Contemporary Healthcare, LLC

Chester Bankston
Hamilton County

Elizabeth Williams
Chief Development Officer
Chattanooga Preparatory School

Barry White
President & CEO
Chattanooga Tourism Co.