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Featured Blog - Tennessee Aquarium

This year, the Tennessee Aquarium has really — if you’ll forgive the first of many puns — come out of its shell in celebration of turtles. As the home to the largest collection of freshwater turtles in North America, these charismatic reptiles have long been a key focus for the riverside…

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Grab Your Coffee, Explore Chattanooga

Coffee: It’s not just a drink. In Chattanooga, we take it pretty seriously. From quaint coffee shops on the Southside to trendy coffee hubs on the Northshore, here are the six best ways to savor your morning coffee and explore the Scenic City. SleepyHead Coffee Sleepyhead Coffee is dedicated to…

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Four Ideas for Valentine's Getaways to Chattanooga

FOODIES Where to Stay Located in the West Village in the heart of downtown, The Westin is a great place for any couple. But foodies will particularly appreciate their in-house eateries, Paloma Bar de Tapas and Dorato Bourbon Bar. Head up to the 10th floor to Paloma to enjoy a glass of Spanish wine…

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7 Reasons NOT to Visit Chattanooga

By this point, you’ve probably heard from plenty of people just how great Chattanooga is. In the past two decades, it’s blossomed into one of the most vibrant cities in the Southeast and has even managed to be named “Best in the U.S.” by Lonely Planet and Best Town Ever by Outside Magazine twice…

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Why Chattanooga is the Perfect Weekend Getaway from Nashville

Sometimes what you need most is a quick getaway from your daily routine to relax, explore and recharge. But choosing the perfect destination can be a challenge; it needs to be somewhere close enough for a weekend trip but far enough away that you actually feel like you’re getting a mini vacation…

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Let's Do Brunch: A Guide on How to Run and Brunch in Chattanooga

Let’s face it: everyone loves brunch. It’s the breakfast of kings and college students and the lunch of early-risers and eager families. It's the late morning/early afternoon combination of two meals in one, and for what it implies, it's arguably the greatest portmanteau in the English language…

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