jason bowersTell us about yourself. 

I’m the owner of The Bitter Alibi and The Daily Ration in Chattanooga. I’ve been here 16 years...with a wife, a kid and roots so deep it would be impossible to leave.

What are some of your favorite fall and/or winter meals? 

I can be a basic guy when it comes to the warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. Put any of those in a drink, warm bread, or pastry, and I’m set. Our family always makes goat cheese scalloped potatoes that I overdo every year. 

What's one menu item that's a must for a holiday meal? 

Thanksgiving has become my favorite family meals, because of my homemade green bean casserole with “bloomin’ onion” topping. Keys are: fresh green beans, grilled mushroom, and fried Vidalia onions! Does it take way too long to make? Yes.

When you're not at Bitter/Daily, what Chattanooga things do you like to do/see? 

Jumping in the lake or creek is a weekly pass time. I make sure I hit up the local breweries one too many times during the week too! It’s research.

Anything you'd like people to know about the culinary scene in Chattanooga? 

We are the perfect blend of comfortable and adventurous. I believe that most places are trying to push the scene forward and believe in the product they are putting out.  We have so many cool little spots so don’t always trust the top 10 lists. Sometimes the 8th page of the Yelp listings is where it’s at. 

The original version of this article first appeared in a previous edition of our Magazine.