tammy tanyellWho do you perform with? 

The Malemen Show Band 

Tell us more about you. 

I was born in Alexandria, Virginia, and raised in Chattanooga. I started my singing career at the World’s Church of the Living God. I grew up performing in local theaters, ballets, and commercials. I’m now raising my son here, and he also loves the arts. I have traveled all over the world, but Chattanooga is where I call home.

What Chattanooga experience do you rave about to locals and visitors? 

I rave about our Tennessee Aquarium and our annual Riverbend Music Festival. My favorite place to perform is at Riverbend.

A little about the Malemen Show Band: 

The Chattanooga-based group has performed for more than 25 years, providing stellar choreographed performances for various occasions. Tanyell is one of 3 female vocalists, who add soothing melodies while the band’s 7-member rhythm and horn section bring the funk and additional vocals. They’ve performed for U.S. presidents and shared the stage with The Gap Band, Parliament-Funkadelic, Boyz II Men, Cameo, and more.

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