Unidos, we create a stronger community. Join us in celebrating Hispanic/ Latinx Heritage Month. Here are a few amazing Hispanic/ Latinx businesses and talents within the Chattanooga area.  

Pupuseria Marelyn 

3992 Ringgold Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37412 

Spinach pupusa with cortido at Pupuseria Marelyn
*Spinach pupusa with curtido  

If you’re searching for hand-made pupusas then this is your place. Pupuseria Marelyn serves authentic Salvadoran and Guatemalan foods. Whether you order the chuchitos, tacos, or larger plates, each meal will be freshly made. This restaurant is one of those hidden gems you learn about through word of mouth. Trust us, the atmosphere screams friends and family get-togethers.  

Gordo’s Bakery

5400 Brainerd Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37411

Gordo's Bakery
* Chattanooga Gordos Bakery on Brainerd Rd. 

Do you need pan dulce with your taza de café? Of course, you do! Head over to Gordo’s Bakery for your choice of pan dulce and tres leches. This local bakery is family-owned and aims to share a piece of Mexican culture through sweets.  

Conga Latin Food

Mission at Main, 26 E Main St Suite 102, Chattanooga, TN 37408 

*Vegetarian Bandeja Tostons topped with guacamole

Bandeja platters from across Latin America are just the start of your food journey at Conga Latin Food. This Main Street staple will satisfy any craving you might have for authentic bites. Want a tip? The ceviche is AMAZING. A fresh mango juice, some plantain chips and a bowl of that ceviche is about all a person could ask for in this life.  

 Alex Paul Loza 

Replica of Dreaming Forward at the Creative Discovery Museum
* Replica of Dreaming Forward at the Creative Discovery Museum  

Representation matters and local artist Alex Loza captures Hispanic/ Latinx culture in his murals. If you are ever in the downtown Chattanooga area, go to the corner of Main and Broad Street to view “Dreaming Forward / Soñando,” the first Latinx mural in our city. A duplicate can also be seen at the Creative Discovery Museum.  

Community & Local Spots

Get to know some members of Chattanooga’s Latinx community and some of their favorite local spots. We spoke with members of Chattanooga’s Latinx community who shared their favorite places to eat, things to do, and hidden gems.