Some might call us Chattanoogans aggressively welcoming—like it’s a bad thing? Ask us where to eat or what you can’t miss and we’re more than happy to give you tips on how to experience the authentic Scenic City.

Whether it’s a night on the town with their special someone, a day of adventure with the family, or some much-needed time with friends, meet some of our locals and hear their favorite ways to share Chattanooga with the people they love.

Meet the Jordans

The Jordan family poses for a photo

Quality time together is a high priority for the Jordans, and they do it well!

What’s the recipe for your perfect afternoon in Chattanooga?

Our perfect afternoon in Chattanooga would be a walk across the Walnut Street Bridge followed by dinner at Foodworks and dessert at The Peach Cobbler Factory.

What is your favorite spot in Chattanooga to take the whole family? 

Some of our favorite family date spots in Chattanooga are Dave and Busters, Spare Time bowling, Defy jump park, and of course the movie theater.

What restaurant do you love to share with your person? 

The restaurants we love to share are Firebirds, Ruby Sunshine, J Alexander's, and Mayan Kitchen.

What is your perfect night on the town?

Our idea of a night on the town is attending a great local concert or listening to good live music and enjoying dinner.

Meet Fred and Jocelyn Flint

Fred and Jocelyn pose for a photo in the Sweet and Savory Classroom Kitchen

Married two-and-a-half years, these practically-newlyweds love local food and live music.

What is a favorite date you’ve been on in Chattanooga?

Our favorite date night would include dinner at the Sweet & Savory classroom. We loved learning new recipes and learning how to cook them ourselves.  It was a unique and fun thing to do.  Afterward, we would hit any of the many concerts around the area. 

What is your favorite spot in Chattanooga?

One of our favorite spots in Chattanooga is the Chickamauga Battlefield. It is very peaceful and you can walk, run, bike, and picnic.

Favorite restaurant to enjoy together?

Two Ten Jack. It is quiet and the food is always great. We’ve never had a bad experience there.

What is your perfect night on the town?

Dinner and a concert. We love all of the opportunities Chattanooga provides for lovers of all music. There is never a shortage of music venues for all genres.

Meet Christina Ankar

Christina Ankar and her friends

Whether they're indulging in some much-needed pampering or getting all glammed up for the night,  Christina and her friend group definitely know how to have a great time.

What’s the recipe for your perfect afternoon in Chattanooga with the girls?

I love a spa day! The best day date with my girlfriends is always a full day of pampering at Center Medspa and then cozying up on the couch with a Be Caffeinated signature coffee to binge Netflix for the rest of the afternoon.  

What is your favorite spot to visit/share with friends in Chattanooga?

Ankar’s Hoagies is my favorite spot in Chattanooga.  I love going to spend time with my family and friends, and to get everyone’s favorite -  Steak in a Sack. 

What is your favorite restaurant to enjoy with the girls? 

My favorite restaurant is Il Primo. The food is fantastic and it is a great place for friend dinners, date nights, or just a night to have some delicious Italian. 

What is your ideal night on the town in Chattanooga?

My ideal friends' date night would start with a Chatt Taste Food Tour or dinner at a classic Chattanooga spot like Alleia. After dinner, walk over to STIR’s patio for drinks, girl talk, and people watching on Station Street. 

Meet the Joyners

Joyner poses for a photo in Coolidge Park

One-on-one time with each of their boys is super important to Sarah and Daniel, and the Scenic City is perfect for their adventurous spirits. Sarah shares some of her favorite mother/son dates in Chattanooga:

What’s the recipe for your perfect afternoon in Chattanooga?

We’d take an old box to cardboard hill in Renaissance Park and go “sledding” on the grass. My boys have so much fun sliding down the hill and laughing at me when I try.

Then, we walk over to Clumpies ice cream or NoBaked Cookie Dough for a sweet treat.

What is your favorite spot to visit in Chattanooga?

We enjoy splashing in the water steps at The Passage and “creek” around the aquarium or taking our bikes to Enterprise South Nature Park.

What is your favorite restaurant to enjoy together?

Some of our favorites to share with the boys are Mayan Kitchen, Lupi's, Market South, and Edley’s Barbeque.

If you have extra time, what’s the perfect date day with the boys?

We start out at the Creative Discovery Museum. We’re members there and I think I have as much fun as the kids. Then we’ll walk over to Lupi's or Mellow Mushroom for some pizza. A post-lunch climb at High Point is perfect because the kids are always exhausted afterward and then, maybe, I can get some chill time. 😊

Meet Veronica and Joe Van Hoose

Veronica and Joe hold up their dog in front of a waterfall

Veronica and Joe are all about outdoor adventure + their dogs.

Describe your perfect afternoon date in Chattanooga?

Our perfect afternoon date involves disc golf and our dogs! We love to spend time jamming to music while being active. Chattanooga has/is close to a wide variety of disc golf courses so you can keep it fresh!

What is your favorite spot in the Chattanooga area?

We love the river - hanging out and letting the dogs swim; kayaking, or floating over on Suck Creek Rd is top tier. 

What restaurant would you love to share with your person?

We try to switch it up as much as possible when it comes to restaurants. We love to spend time in places like Buds and Doc Holidays, but also enjoy Easy Bistro, Meeting Place, and Alex Thai as well.

What is your idea of a night on the town?

Catching a movie during the winter, or Nightfall during the summer and grabbing some good food! Occasionally we might go a little wild with a slush from Big Chill or pickle backs at Pickle Barrel!