Chattanooga is anything but boring. There are so many hidden gems in the Scenic City that beg to be found. Whether you tend to gravitate towards the weird, funky, and unique or are just looking for a change of scenery from the normality of your everyday life, Chattanooga has a lot in store for you. Here are just a few unusual places to visit.

The Bitter Alibi 

On the outside, The Bitter Alibi looks like an inconspicuous little house, but it is a totally different story once you walk in. Like Alice in Wonderland, its eclectic vibe is complete with a spiral staircase down to the basement bar and its fun, Asian-inspired cuisine with plenty of vegan options.

Poor Taste

Located on East Main Street, this unique thrift shop holds tons of vintage goodies, but they also tend to hold concerts and other events in the back after hours. Whether you’re looking to shop or party, Poor Taste is definitely a shop you must see.  

The Boneyard

This bar gives off all the 90s underground grunge and graffiti aesthetics on Station Street. With good food, some twists on classic cocktails, and even a game cube, Boneyard should be on your must-see list. 

I Go Tokyo

This unique boutique is home to all things kawaii. They have so many high-quality Japanese goods from stationery to hats for cats to beautiful linens and ceramics. I Go Tokyo has it all.   

Love, EROS

Love, EROS an experience boutique in Chattanooga's southside offers a whimsical blend of eclectic fashion and unique gifts, creating a charming haven for those seeking one-of-a-kind treasures in the city.

Matilda Midnight

This mystical bar has just made its comeback to the Dwell Hotel after closing in 2020. You will feel right at home in the whimsigothic aesthetic of Matilda Midnight. Come sip one of their 8 unique cocktails under the stars. 

Flowers on Saturn

This woman-owned spiritual boutique focuses on women’s health by offering fun informational books, botanical self-care products, tea, and other herbal remedies.  

The Rosecomb Bar

This 21+ neighborhood bar is within a 1920s-style cottage in Chattanooga’s historic Riverview neighborhood. Rosecomb serves cocktails and food inspired by Appalachia as well as unique wines, beers, and non-alcoholic cocktails.  

Joli Jardin Farm & Flower Shop 

This beautiful storefront holds so much magic inside. The flower shop is set up like a European flower market with locally grown and sourced flowers. Joli Jardin's shop, located on Market Street, also has a selection of cards, vases, perfumes, plants, gardening items, and so much more.  

No Hard Feelings

This neighborhood bar located on Broad Street specializes in funky cocktails on its ever-changing menu. No Hard Feelings also has a small selection of wine, beer, and some vegan-friendly snacks.

Naughty Cat Café  

Come get cozy with some kitties and coffee in St. Elmo at Naught Cate Café. This 11 and up café is great if you just want to come hang out with some feline friends or if you are looking to adopt a new pal to take home.