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11 Quirky Places to Visit in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is anything but boring. There are so many hidden gems in the Scenic City that beg to be found. Whether you tend to gravitate towards the weird, funky, and unique or are just looking for a change of scenery from the normality of your everyday life, Chattanooga has a lot in store for you…

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Cocktail with a View: Chattanooga’s Best Rooftop Bars

It wasn’t too terribly long ago that you’d Google “Best Rooftop Bar in Chattanooga” and be met with a mixture of virtual crickets and a few pixelated photos of the Pickle Barrel (which—it must be said—is still easily one of the best rooftop bars in the city!). In recent years, however, the amount…

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Popular Fall Cocktails

When the air turns brisk, a frozen margarita probably isn’t your drink of choice during a fun night out on the town in Chattanooga. So, we decided to round up a few popular fall cocktails to try the next time you visit one of Chattanooga’s popular bars or nightclubs. Whiskey Whiskey is an amazing…

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Ask a Local: Burt Casey

Owner of Fountainhead Taproom ( a self-pour beer & wine bar) Tell us about yourself. I grew up in Virginia but lived in Chicago for the past 14 years. I also lived in Vienna, Austria for a couple of years, and that’s really where I fell in love with beer. My family and I moved to Chattanooga in…

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