The Woodshop Listening Room is a local venue and bar located in Chattanooga’s St. Elmo neighborhood. This unique venue boasts a cozy home-like atmosphere, comfy seating arrangements, and local live music.

The Woodshop's Charm

Unlike any other venue in Chattanooga, The Woodshop Listening Room has a home-like vibe, and unique neighborhood location. Be sure to check out the mural that takes up one whole side of the venue outside. This mural is one of the many well-known murals in Chattanooga. There is also an outside garden with seating, plants, and a porch lit up by fairy lights at night.

Step inside to find a ticket stand where you can buy tickets to any of the shows that week. Behind the ticket stand, check out the quaint selection of venue merchandise and, if available, band merch. Choose from cocktail tables, couches, church pews, and bar stools for seating, if you don’t want to join the crowd dancing along to the music.

Live Music Experience

At The Woodshop Listening Room, you can expect to hear roots music. Local Chattanooga bands frequently grace the venue’s unique stage. Instead of an elevated surface, layered carpets resemble the stage. Different instruments surrounded the area, and a disco ball spins from the ceiling.

Food and Drink Offerings

Woodshop’s bar offers water, soda, coffee, tea, beer, and wine plus popcorn for munching. They also have a small, seasonal menu that offers vegetarian and vegan options. The venue occasionally hosts food events. Check out their Instagram, @thewoodshoppresents, for more information.

Convenient Tips for Visitors

Because of this venue’s unique location in a neighborhood, you’ll want to arrive early to snag some street parking near the venue. Or, consider taking advantage of a ride share service if you can’t arrive 20-30 minutes before the show starts.

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