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50 Outdoor Things to Do in Chattanooga

It's official—Chattanooga is the coolest city in the country. (Okay, maybe it's not actually official, but if you're reading this, then you probably think it's at least partly true.) In order to make the most of what the Scenic City has to offer, we've compiled a list of 50 must-do outdoor-related…

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Chattanooga's Best Fall Climbing

There’s a lifetime’s worth of perfect sandstone just down the road from Chattanooga, and it’s more accessible now than ever. In the last decade, thanks to effort by locals and climbing advocacy organizations, tons of landowners have opened the door to climbers. Of course, in order to preserve access…

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The Best Places to Have a Socially Distant Climb in Chattanooga

One of the great things about climbing is that it’s an inherently solo sport. No, that doesn’t mean you have to go free soloing without any rope like a certain Alex Honnold on El Capitan. And of course, the climbing community—one of the most tight-knit subsets of outdoor-minded folks there is—would…

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Your Guide to Spring Bouldering at Rocktown

If you spent most of the winter in the Southeast, you know that the boulder season was unfortunately cut a bit short by an unusual amount of rain and snow...and then some more snow. Now spring is finally here, and it is rapidly getting warmer. Soon enough the humidity will start to set in, making…

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