Honor Black History Month In Chattanooga With Top Cultural Experiences

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (Jan. 18, 2024) – In honor of Black History Month, this February Chattanooga invites residents and visitors to engage in a variety of enriching experiences that celebrate the profound contributions of African Americans to the city's history and culture.  

Explore Chattanooga’s heritage and celebrate Black History Month with these top experiences: 

  1. Visit the Bessie Smith Cultural Center and Chattanooga African American Museum  

  • Founded in 1982, this cultural hub pays homage to Bessie Smith, "The Empress of the Blues," and illuminates the significant contributions of African Americans to the local community. Explore exhibits such as "Walk Through Time: The Chattanooga African American Experience" and "Chattanooga’s Black Soundtrack," featuring local artists including Usher, Kane Brown, and The Impressions. 

  1. Enjoy a Mural Tour of Chattanooga’s historic Big 9 Neighborhood  

  • Utilize the Experience Art and Tennessee Music Pathways maps to embark on a visual journey through history. Wander historic streets adorned with murals and Tennessee Music Pathways, paying tribute to legendary figures. Stand in awe of the M.L. King Mural, a 42,179 sq ft masterpiece, and explore Kevin Bate's mural of Bessie Smith and the Big 9 Legends Mural, a tribute to blues and jazz musicians who once graced 9th Street. Discover the narratives behind the art, reflecting the resilience and creativity of Chattanooga's African American community. 

  1. Take a Reflective hike on Lookout Mountain  

  • Experience the mountain’s timeless beauty and historical significance, forever linked to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as he passionately declared, "Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California. But not only that. Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia. Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee." Take in the views from Sunset Rock, delve into the fight for freedom at Point Park, or find serenity at the Glen Falls trail. Dr. King's powerful vision resonates through these landscapes, connecting visitors to the pursuit of freedom and equality. 

  1. Visit the Ed Johnson Memorial 

  • A contemplative space dedicated to Ed Johnson and his tragic lynching, this memorial honors the heroic efforts of attorneys Noah Parden and Styles Hutchins. Commemorating the landmark Supreme Court case that shaped American history and civil rights, the memorial invites visitors to reflect, mourn, and find inspiration in the pursuit of justice. 

  1. Support Chattanooga’s Black-Owned Businesses 

Chattanooga welcomes everyone to join in these enlightening activities throughout Black History Month and all year round, fostering understanding, appreciation, and unity within the community. Learn more about Chattanooga’s Black History and ways to celebrate at VisitChattanooga.com.  

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