Things to Do in Downtown Chattanooga

To say that Downtown Chattanooga is eclectic and diverse would just be scratching the surface. Actually, it wouldn’t even do that. You’re just as likely to run into a professional soccer player as you are an NYU graduate with their own art studio in North Chattanooga. Or an entrepreneur starting their own business. The options are limitless. The people are limitless. With little pockets that you can explore by bike with Bike Chattanooga or simply by walking, you’re sure to stumble upon a Pinball Arcade, MoonPie General Store, more coffee shops then you can count, and an outdoor climbing wall that can be seen from several blocks away. 

Speaking of visual icons in Downtown Chattanooga, you can’t miss the neon blue peaks of the Tennessee Aquarium that demand to be seen from every direction. It gets fishier the closer you get and not because of the Aquarium. It's because the Tennessee River hugs downtown Chattanooga. You can even catch a view of the Tennessee River from several spots inside of the Aquarium.  Another icon in Chattanooga is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world, Walnut Street Bridge. The teal-colored bridge connects Downtown Chattanooga to North Shore and when we say it's one of the longest in the world, we mean it. You might want to rent a bike or a mini Segway from Adventure Sports Innovation in Coolidge Park because there is a lot to see in Downtown Chattanooga (just ask a local). 

With a local restaurant on what seems like every corner and boutique hotels that invite you in off the street, Downtown Chattanooga is the place to be. You can bike, walk or take the free electric shuttle to get you from one end of downtown to the other, but either way, we know you’ll find something you like. Unless you like dirty streets and boring places. Then we can’t help you.