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Laura Bellucci

Goofball in residence at the intersection of tourism, hospitality, community, and history. 

Dedicated in her mission to explore all waterfalls near Chattanooga and bring the best side dish to your barbeque.

Make Music Day Chattanooga: All the City’s a Stage

Make Music Day is a city-wide music activation coming to Chattanooga on Friday, June 21, 2024. It is a one-day event where free, live musical performances and musical events take place all around Chattanooga, and around the world, on the longest day of the year. Chattanooga is excited to join this…

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Experience Black Music Month in Chattanooga

Contemporary Chattanooga-based musicians are breathing fresh life into the music scene, ensuring that the rich musical heritage of Chattanooga not only endures but continues to evolve and thrive. June is Black Music Month, so there is no better time to recognize and celebrate our African American…

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Discover the Magic of the Hellbender at Chattanooga Zoo

Nestled in the vibrant ecosystems of East Tennessee, the Chattanooga Zoo is home to a truly remarkable creature: the Hellbender Salamander. This creature is the largest salamander species in the eastern United States, stretching up to 20 inches long and weighing as much as five pounds. The males are…

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Chattanooga Cocktail Summer: A Tiki-Inspired Revival

How exactly does a landlocked town in the American South revive a storied, fraught, and complex section of cocktail history? Let’s tap this coconut and find out! Tiki bars, which gained popularity in the mid-20th century, and experienced a renewed frenzy of appreciation in the early 2010s, sparked…

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Lookout Mountain Lore Part 2: Legacy Attractions

The legacy attractions that decorate Lookout Mountain capture the unique spirit of Chattanooga. Ruby Falls embodies the spirit of the adventurer, inviting visitors to explore its subterranean waterfall. Rock City showcases the whimsical and quirky potential of Chattanooga, with its enchanting rock…

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Get Ready for 4 Bridges Arts Festival

4 Bridges Arts Festival hosted by The Association for Visual Arts The 4 Bridges Arts Festival (4BAF) is set to unfold from April 19 to 21, 2024, at the First Horizon Pavilion in Chattanooga. This festival is a celebration of artistic expression and community exchange. The Association for Visual…

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What in Carnation? Chattanooga Cocktails in Bloom

As the warmth of spring begins to embrace the landscape, Chattanooga comes alive with the vibrant hues of Tennessee's native flowers, such as the delicate Iris, the state flower, and the enchanting wildflowers that dot the countryside. It’s not just the gardens popping up everywhere – our city's…

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The Martin Hotel

Hidden in Plain Sight: Chattanooga's History is Everywhere - Martin Hotel Edition In 1906, attorney Richard Kimball came to own the lot where the lawn of the Bessie Smith Cultural Center stands today. Kimball entrusted Robert Martin, an African American former porter of the local railroads, to build…

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Scenic City Spirit: Chattanooga’s Late-Night Spots

Perhaps you hiked all morning and caught a solid nap, got in late on a flight, or maybe you were just born to be a night owl. Lately, Chattanooga has more available options after midnight than ever before! Here is a roundup of some of our favorite late-night spots. NEWCOMERS: Bars New to the…

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