Whiskey Week is coming to Chattanooga!

Tennessee Whiskey Week is a week-long festivity that shines a spotlight on the culinary and cocktail scenes throughout this wonderful state. This event, which encourages collaboration between chefs, bartenders, and distilleries, will highlight the finest of Tennessee's abundant whiskey heritage.  

This year, Chattanooga will showcase its thriving culinary culture alongside many stellar cities across the state with Tennessee Whiskey Week

Whiskey Week Participating Venues in Chattanooga:

Dates: May 3-11,  2024  

Grab a featured whiskey cocktail from these participating spots any time during Whiskey Week! 


North Shore:  

  • The Rosecomb 

    • Discounts on featured whiskey cocktails: Southern Suede—featuring Sweeten’s Cove Kennessee, Tattersall cherry liqueur, simple syrup, lemon, red wine float, egg white (New York Sour style); Country House—featuring Chattanooga Whiskey 111, Gilles Brisson Cognac VS, black tea, mint simple syrup, lemon, mint (Julep style); Holy Grail—featuring George Dickel Rhye Whiskey, Amaro Montenegro, Green Chartreuse, spritz of absinthe (Manhattan style) 

  • Pizzeria Cortile 


  • Calliope 

  • Main Street Meats 

    • Featured Flight: Uncle Nearest 1884, Uncle Nearest 1856, and Jack Daniels 10 year 

    • Chef’s Dram—featuring Jack Daniel’s 12 Year 

    • Specialty cocktail:  Vanderbilt—Old Fashioned featuring Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Store Pick 

  • Boneyard 

    • Chattanooga Whiskey Specials 

    • Specialty Cocktails: Goner—featuring Chattanooga 91 + citrus-ginger cordial + fresh lemon + bitters; Old Fashioned—featuring Chattanooga 111 + demerara + bitters 

  • Ernest Chinese 

    • $2 off Tiki Old Fashioned 

    • Specialty cocktail featuring Chattanooga Whiskey 

  • Gate 11 Distillery 

    • Agave Flight 

    • Specialty prices for Garden Tryst and Mai-Tai cocktails 

  • Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Distillery 

    • Cocktail Specials 

  • The Feed Table and Tavern 

    • Specialty Cocktails: Feed Back & Johnny Be Good made with Chattanooga Whiskey 

West Village: 

  • Easy Bistro 

    • Specialty cocktails: JP Morgan—Old Fashioned featuring Dickel 15 Year “18 Year” Single Barrel Store pick; & Rockefeller—Old Fashioned featuring Jack Daniel’s 10 Year 


  • Whiskey Thief 

    • Chattanooga Whiskey flight 

    • Specialty cocktail: 99 Chattanooga Blvd—featuring Chattanooga Whiskey 99 Rye, Amaro dell’Etna, aperol, and orange bitters 

  • Wooden City 

    • Specialty whiskey cocktail 

St. Elmo 

  • 1885 Grill

    • Specialty Cocktails: the Southern Gentleman & Derailed made with Chattanooga Whiskey 91 


Whiskey Week Events

Book ahead and attend a spirited dinner with curated food and drink pairings: 

Tipples on Tour:  

Briana Garza, owner of Chatt Taste Food Tours, is offering two tours to expand our understanding of whiskey in Chattanooga! 

DIY a Tour of Your Own:

Visit a Chattanooga Distillery.

Historic Proof  Whiskey’s Legacy In Tennessee 

Tennessee whiskey distilling boasts a rich history, tracing its origins back to the Native American tribes who inhabited the region before European settlers arrived. These tribes fermented a variety of beverages from native plants, significantly influencing the early European settlers. Later, in the 18th century, Scottish and Irish settlers introduced their distilling techniques to the region, making use of the abundant corn and unique limestone-filtered water. 

Prohibition and whiskey taxation led many distilleries to either close or operate illegally. Chattanooga's involvement in moonshining is tied deeply to the Appalachian mountains, which offer ample hideaways for still set ups with access to pristine water sources. Snooper's Rock, one of the area's most popular overlooks, earned its name from prohibition officers who would “snoop” on illegal moonshine operations from its vantage point, peering down into the expansive valley below to spot the flickering embers and whisps of spoke that betray clandestine moonshining operations.

Today, the region’s moonshining legacy is perpetuated through craft distilleries that honor this historically rebellious spirit. Chattanooga Whiskey, with its Experimental Distillery located downtown, employs unconventional blending and aging techniques to craft some of the most intriguing and innovative libations in the state. Gate 11 nods to our Prohibition days with their Thomas Young Dark Rye Whiskey, named after T. Y. Swafford, a ruthless yet beloved sheriff from Pikeville in the 1930s.