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Our Summer PLAYlist | Things to do this Summer

Check out Chattanooga Tourism Co. staff's summer PLAYlist! These are our go-to’s for exploring the Chattanooga area in the summer when the sun is hot, the drinks are cold, and the creeks + evening jams are just beckoning you to visit. And who knows, you just might discover some hits you want to put…

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Guided Tours for Exploring Chattanooga

Let a Local Take You on a Guided Tour to Explore Chattanooga Visiting a fun and vibrant city like Chattanooga means the opportunity to try all kinds of new adventures. In fact, there are so many spectacular things to see and do here that it often helps to have a local expert show you the ropes…

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How to Do a Bike and Brew Tour of Chattanooga

A visit to Chattanooga calls for a lot of exciting activities: spending sunny afternoons on local trails, convening with the famed aquarium’s many creatures, perusing the art museum’s unique collections, and wandering the lively streets of downtown. Recently, Chattanooga has added one more crucial…

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Ask a Local: Burt Casey

Owner of Fountainhead Taproom ( a self-pour beer & wine bar) Tell us about yourself. I grew up in Virginia but lived in Chicago for the past 14 years. I also lived in Vienna, Austria for a couple of years, and that’s really where I fell in love with beer. My family and I moved to Chattanooga in…

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