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The Complete Guide to Paddling Life in Chattanooga

For quality paddling in any shape or form, Chattanooga is inarguably a water lover’s dream come true. Within an hour of downtown, boaters can easily access world-class whitewater and scenic flatwater paddling destinations. At all times of the year you’ll find Chattanooga’s dedicated weekend warriors…

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18 Must-Visit Chattanooga Parks (and the Best Things to Do at Each)

It’s no secret that Chattanoogans love their diverse collection of local parks. From the refreshing leafiness of urban green spaces to the rich history of a Civil War battlefield, the array of parks in this city leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you experience just one of them or a handful…

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A Guide to Chattanooga's Unique Birding Opportunities

A wide range of protected habitats makes Chattanooga an exciting destination for bird watching. Seasoned birders have likely heard of the area’s Sandhill Crane festival, but the city and surrounding region also offer unique bird viewing opportunities year-round. Whether you’re in search of…

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Best Places to See Fall Colors

Looking for great ways to see dazzling fall colors? Chattanooga offers many options to see the brilliant changing colors by land, water, and air! Enjoy miles and miles of breathtaking vistas from Signal Point (the southern terminus of the Cumberland Trail), Raccoon Mountain, Sunset Rock, Lula Lake…

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The 12 Best Casual Adventures in Chattanooga

Taking an epic, all-day trip into the great outdoors is one of the best things you can do—when you have the time and energy. All too often, though, busy schedules mean that micro-adventures requiring little to no preparation are more realistic. And with manageable excursions around every corner…

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