PLAYlist Shuffle

You’ve heard of the Cupid Shuffle, but have you heard of the Scenic City Shuffle?

It goes a little something like this… 

What to do, what to see, where to eat, where to drink,  

What event, what to tour, where to sleep, where to shop 

Now pick, now pick, now pick, now pick  

We’re shufflin’ for you, we’re shufflin’ for you 

Now do the Chattanooga Shuffle, the Chattanooga Shuffle  

Put Your Plans on Shuffle

Not really! But the point is…If you still aren’t sure what to do while visiting our lively city or want to make sure you hit it all, check out the shuffled PLAYlist below and refresh the page for more. We will make sure your visit is a banger!


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Culinary Jams

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DIY and Guided Tours

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Summer Events

See what's happening when you'll be around.

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Sounds of the Scenic City

Featuring music from local artists, upcoming festivals, and playlists from unique Chattanooga attractions like the Bessie Smith Cultural Center, Songbirds, Creative Discovery Museum, Rock City + More. We've come pretty dang close to capturing the songs of the Scenic City.

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