ASK A LOCAL - Antonio Tate


Antonio TateWhere do you work?

I am the Owner and Chef of Party Bites Catering.

What do you do?

I prepare food and organize catering for weddings, conventions and special events in the Chattanooga area. We also offer licensed bartending and we have an amazing mobile espresso cart that will be sure to caffeinate all of your guests!

What do you most love about Chattanooga?

I love the diverse surroundings we have in our great city! If we are in the mood to hike, or fish, jog, or sightsee, we have all those activities within a 20-mile radius of our city! Not to mention how centrally located to Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis.

What is your favorite thing to do in your down time?

My favorite thing to do is venture the city with my wife, Onteaya, and find an amazing restaurant to explore downtown. Then for a beautiful walk through Coolidge Park and across the Walnut Street Bridge.

What Chattanooga experience do you rave about to locals and visitors?

We rave to people about the many hidden gems that we have in our city; from the quaint local shops like Blue Skies, to the authentic Greek cuisine of Opa!

Favorite meal to make?

My favorite meal to prepare is our Sous Vide Baby Back Ribs! They’ve been said by many to be the best ribs they have EVER tasted! We prepare a molasses smokey glaze for the ribs with our in-house seasoning and rub. We sous vide underwater for four hours then finish them on a hot grill to build that bark . . . bon appeti!