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The Chattanooga Travel Inspiration Magazine offers authentic stories highlighting the people and places of Chattanooga. This twice-a-year magazine is chock full of resources and inspiration for exploring all the Scenic City has to offer.

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Welcome To the heart of Tennessee, where Southern hospitality meets stunning natural beauty. Chattanooga offers a unique blend of natural wonders, cultural treasures, and a warm, welcoming spirit.

Experience the Charm of Chattanooga: Where History, Adventure, and Culture Thrive

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, or simply in search of a charming getaway, our city has something special in store for you.

Chattanooga’s natural beauty is the first thing that will captivate you. The majestic Tennessee River weaves its way through our city, surrounded by Lookout and Signal Mountains, rolling hills, and pristine landscapes. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering numerous opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, and much more. Riverside parks provide moments of tranquility and scenic beauty, while our calendar brims with captivating annual events and festivals.

From world-class attractions to live music and diverse annual festivals, our city is a hub of entertainment year-round. Our museums, monuments, and landmarks are testaments to pivotal moments in American history, allowing you to step back in time and appreciate our city’s remarkable transformation. Throughout your stay, you’ll experience the genuine warmth of Southern hospitality from our friendly locals. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or a taste of our renowned cuisine, you’ll find it here.

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Downtown Art for Everyone to Enjoy

With over 105 permanent outdoor artworks, Chattanooga has the most public art in the Southeast that you will love to explore. Kat Wright, City of Chattanooga’s Public Art Director invites you to take in these notable downtown public art projects. Be on the lookout for more downtown Public Art

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These Hotels are Worth Visiting just for the Bar (Staying There is Pretty Great Too!)

If you’re staying in a Chattanooga hotel, odds are that you don’t have to go far to find some of the best drinks the city has to offer. In fact, your new favorite beer or cocktail might be mere steps away. The Company at Kinley Chattanooga Mysterious and elegant, The Company is the...

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Favorite Spots for Fall Camping in Chattanooga

It’s no secret that Chattanooga is an outdoorsy city and camping is one of the best ways to connect with nature. With cooler weather and the turning of the leaves, fall is an ideal time to immerse yourself in the natural beauty. All of our favorite camping locations provide easy access to...

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What the Brunch: A Guide to Tried and True Local Brunch Favorites

Let’s face it—everyone loves brunch. it’s the breakfast of kings and college students and the lunch of early risers and eager families. It’s the late morning/early afternoon combination of two meals in one, and for what it implies, it’s arguably the greatest...

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Tell Your Friends & Family Where to Go - and Stay - When Visiting

Living in a city like Chattanooga means that one thing is certain: Your friends and family will always want to come visit you. After all, you’re a resident of the place that was named “Best Town Ever” twice. And while people who live elsewhere might worry about how to entertain...

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Best Places to See Fall Colors

Looking for great ways to see dazzling fall colors? Chattanooga offers many options to see the brilliant changing colors by land, water, and air! Enjoy miles and miles of breathtaking vistas from Signal Point (the southern terminus of the Cumberland Trail), Raccoon Mountain, Sunset Rock, Lula Lake

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Our Favorite Spots to Catch a Sunrise or Sunset in Chattanooga

Experience the Earth Waking up or Going to Sleep Getting up early to watch the sunrise reflecting on the Tennessee River is a sight to behold. Not a morning person? Perched on a bluff to watch the sunset over the valley can take your breath away. Here are a few of the most stunning Chattanooga

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Check Out These New Experiences Right Now

What's hot and new in Chattanooga right now? Check out our curated short list of what you need to do, eat, and see while they're fresh. New Things to Do and See Lodge Museum of Cast Iron is a destination for folks who love all-things cast iron and learning about America’s original...

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Let Tasty Tuesdays Inspire Your Next Meal

Looking for some foodie inspiration? Head to social media! We regularly share some of our favorite local eats on Instagram and Tiktok. Find the roundup by searching #TastyTuesdayChatt and be sure to follow us @VisitChatt! Check Out Some of Our Favorite Tasty Tuesdays Basecamp Bar and Restaurant

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Savor the Flavor: Exploring Chattanooga's Newest Culinary Hotspots

Chattanooga has long been a food lover's paradise, and in 2023, it's heating up even more with an exciting array of new restaurants that are turning heads and tantalizing taste buds. As you explore Chattanooga's dining landscape, you'll discover that each new restaurant is a...

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Fall Mountain Bike Rides in Chattanooga

Kick Up Some Dirt On These 5 Mountain Bike Trails this Fall Chattanooga has become a mecca for mountain bikers, with more than 100 miles of singletrack trail within 20 minutes of downtown. Fall is one of the most popular times to ride, with its cooler temperatures and beautiful autumn colors. So,

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Chattanooga's Best Fall Climbing

There’s a lifetime’s worth of perfect sandstone just down the road from Chattanooga, and it’s more accessible now than ever. In the last decade, thanks to effort by locals and climbing advocacy organizations, tons of landowners have opened the door to climbers. Of course, in...

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Chattanooga's Landmarks: Then and Now

Chattanooga looks a teeeny bit different than it did back in the day. We looked through our own files and partnered with the Chattanooga Historical Society (Picnooga) and Sam Hall of Chattanooga History to showcase what the city looked like THEN compared to what it looks like NOW. It is interesting

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Chattanooga Coffee Shops for your Astrology Sign

Whether you buy into astrology signs or not, I bet you know your zodiac sign pretty well. For all of my astrology lovers (and skeptics) out there, why not find a local coffee shop that pairs well with your sign? We've done all the work for you and put together a list of the perfect coffee shop...

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Guided Tours for Exploring Chattanooga

Let a Local Take You on a Guided Tour to Explore Chattanooga Visiting a fun and vibrant city like Chattanooga means the opportunity to try all kinds of new adventures. In fact, there are so many spectacular things to see and do here that it often helps to have a local expert show you the ropes.

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